Monday, July 6, 2009

HooPaid on Facebook in Public Beta

A web/mobile application I've been working on for almost a year now is now going into public beta. The app, HooPaid, is a social-mobile transaction management system for groups of friends. The basic idea is this:

You and your friends/roommates/acquantainces go out to dinner a couple times a month. Your friend Joe always forgets his wallet because he comes to dinner straight from track practice, Sue wants to pay with her credit card for the airline miles she uses to go visit her sick grandmother across the country, Dave only carries twenties, etc... At the end of the meal, someone always owes someone else. The goal of HooPaid is to capture these casual transactions and alleviate the stress associated with social lending.

You no longer have to scribble IOUs on napkins and post-it notes, only to lose them and have no idea how much money you're owed or you owe. HooPaid also consolidates transactions between you and your friends, so you only need to worry about the running tab. I plan on posting a series of articles on the implementation of HooPaid, but for now I would really appreciate any help testing the application. You can add the application on Facebook here.

There are a few known bugs that I'm working on fixing, but don't hesitate to report anything you find.

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